Opera Mobile 10 для Nokia N900 Maemo

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Opera Mobile 10 для Nokia N900 Maemo

Opera Mobile 10 alpha вышла для Maemo (Nokia N800/N810/N900).

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“this is the first public release of Opera Mobile to includeCarakan — our new Javascript engine.”

“This Maemo version of Opera Mobile 10 was created as a hobby project by a small team of developers in their spare time. In total, about 6 man-weeks were spent on creating the release. It’s worth pointing out that this is not an officially-supported release. As such, it has not undergone our usual quality assurance processes, and at times may not feel as polished or complete as an official release. This also means that there may never be a “final” release of Opera Mobile 10 for Maemo devices, since it’s just that much more fun to add shiny new features rather than fixing boring old bugs.”

“Adobe Flash and other plugins are not supported.”

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