Install MeeGo Preview on N900 [How To]

I will start by saying this in no unclear terms.
Do Not Do This
Hopefully everybody’s English is good enough to understand that. Seriously, there is simply no reason for 99.9999999% of anybody to even attempt this other than to go “Oh cool… I’ll shutdown now.”

maemo-icon-images2Not even “dev’s” really need this, since there is no way to install your app (no internet of any kind, wireless or otherwise, and no terminal to install manually). We still need kernel devs to get the wireless, and phone drivers in here before it’s even remotely useful.

So again: Don’t do this.

You’re still reading aren’t you? Alright then, I tried. These steps work for Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx. N900 + MicroSD card required. Flasher-3.5 required. For Fedora, use the wiki, but compile the flasher from GIT, not the repo, and use my m-i-c command in the script below. Читать полностью